Educational Advocates

Educational Advocacy

When my son was diagnosed with PDD/NOS a decade ago, I never imagined some of the obstacles we would go through. I was a teacher and knew the rules and laws, but being on the other side of the table as the mom was completely foreign to me. When we moved out of state where I didn’t know the teachers and principals, it was like we started over. I had to fight to get him the services he needed. I had to push to make them do what they were supposed to be doing. And, I had to teach them how my son best learned. Along the way, I realized how many parents had no idea that they were allowed to do these things. The school is supposed to know what is best for your child, right? Well, in many cases, knowing and doing aren’t the same. Unfortunately, politics and funding determine more than they should. That is why I decided to help other parents navigate their way through the IEP process and become the best advocates they can for their children.