Top Resources for Homeschoolers (and teachers!)


I am so excited about this list of products!  Finding the right curriculum for your kids is not an easy task, whether you are homeschooler or a teacher.  While homeschooling parents love being able to choose different curriculums for their kids, finding what will work isn’t an easy task.  Hearing from other homeschoolers makes the…

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Teacher Stress End of Year

avoid end of year teacher stress

  May and August are the most stressful for teachers.  There are so many tasks to complete, assessments to give, and papers to grade.  The kids are restless and ready for the end of the year.  Parents are (finally) worried about their child’s progress and want answers NOW.  Administration needs end of the year paperwork completed….

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Coffee Filter Symmetry

Coffee filter symmetrical designs can be turned into other things, like an umbrella by Teaching Momster

  Today’s craft item is coffee filters!  Coffee filters are so versatile and cheap to use, so we use them often in our crafting adventures.  Today, we also used them for some learning.  We had been talking about symmetry and I decided to use coffee filters to demonstrate what I was trying to explain to…

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