Martin Luther King Jr Resources for Upper Grades

MLK pinnable pic

“I have a dream….”  Famous words by a notorious man.  By the time kids get to third or fourth grade, they know who Martin Luther King, Jr. is.  They have heard “Martin’s Big Words” and other books over and over again.  How do you teach them something about MLK that they HAVEN’T heard yet?  How…

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Math Madness Wednesday: Number Bonds


Have you heard of number bonds?  They are a wonderful visual math tool for students to understand decomposing numbers.  There are MANY great ideas out there for ways to use number bonds.  Here are a few of my favorites. Number Bonds:  Make 10 from Math Playground–This fun game is for everyone!  There are versions for…

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Math Madness Wednesday: Project Based Learning


Hi all! I’m April from Performing in Education, and I am so excited to be guest hosting Math Madness Wednesday this week! I’m here to talk about using Project-based Learning to help students practice those tricky Math standards. Have you tried Project-based Learning (PBL) in your class yet? I was first introduced to PBL a…

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Math Madness Wednesday: Puzzles


This week’s topic is PUZZLES!  Do you use puzzles in your classroom?  My kids LOVE puzzles (and, honestly, so do I!) so why not make them educational!?   There are lots of different ways to make puzzles.  They can all look the same or the pieces can be very different.  They can have only 2…

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Math Madness Wednesday: Sandwiches and King Tut


It is Wednesday again!  Are your kids excited and going crazy for Halloween yet?  I am so glad Halloween is on a Friday this year!  At least we will have the weekend to recuperate!   I decided to jump right into November holidays.  Did you know that November 3 is National Sandwich Day?  How about…

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