Tens Frame Egg Carton

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I don’t know about you, but around this time of year we have SO many egg cartons!  We decided to cut some up and create ten frames!  It was so easy and didn’t cost us a penny!

We started out by cutting the egg crate.  I used scissors opened all of the way and cutting off the two pieces on the end.  We kept the lid on at first and started using it as a ten frame to count pieces of shell shaped noodles.

egg crate picture 1 egg crate picture 6


Then, we decided we wanted to take the lid off and make it prettier!  My daughter grabbed her washi tape and we went to work using it around the edges.

egg crate picture 2 egg crate picture 3


And, after we counted shell pasta, we counted rocks.



egg crate picture 7



We didn’t want to waste the pieces we cut off the egg crate!  Instead, we filled them with dirt and added some plants to them.










egg crate picture 4 egg crate picture 5

I loved this easy, cheap way to practice counting and picturing what numbers look like.  I also have these ten frame games if you want to use them to help practice as well!

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