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Have you heard the news!?  Educents is opening their MARKETPLACE!  What does that mean?  That means that besides the already AMAZING deals they offer on a daily basis, you can now purchase items from sellers stores, also on a daily basis!  WHAT!?  That’s right!  Over 500 sellers have already created stores in the Educents Marketplace, so you are sure to find some money-saving deals anytime you need them!

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To LAUNCH the whole thing, several of the sellers are joining in to bring you a sneak peek at a FREE product offered in their new sale, as well as hosting a giveaway for $50 worth of Educents Credits.  You can buy a LOT of educational materials with that kind of money!  And, there are several groups of bloggers who are joining the LAUNCH, which means multiple ways to enter.

Here is a little information about my FREEBIE.   It has to be my favorite item in my store.

  As many of you know, I am not in the classroom any longer.  I have decided to focus on my family for now and I am also teaching online.  My son is autistic, and thus, struggles with social cues.  Games have been one of his biggest struggles!  He can’t stand to lose and is SOOOO hard on himself when he gets something incorrect.  So, we started with “easy” versions of this game and worked our way up.  After all, my goal was more for being a good sport and game player, not to spruce up his skills (that was just an added bonus!).  We are also fortunate to have worked with some wonderful students from Cal-Poly.  They were graduate students who were working towards their Special Ed degree.  Two of them came to see my son each week and worked with him on what he needed help with.  Last year, we focused on conversations and games.  Together, we created a plan filled with check ins, breaks, rewards, etc.  At times, I wasn’t sure how it was going to end, but today, he can play games WITHOUT needing any of those things!  Of course, they are still offered and there if he needs them, but in the past several months, he has not needed them!  And, he actually enjoys playing the games.  I would call that a successful set of lessons that we will DEFINITELY continue to practice!


So, what are these WILD games?  They are played in a very similar fashion to the old classic, UNO.  In fact, we started with UNO since the directions were already known.  Many kids love the simplicity of the game and others love the “special” cards that allow them to skip a player or make their neighbor draw extra cards.  So, I kept those important pieces in my WILD games.  But, for the kids who are beyond just numbers and colors, I added some extra skills.  I have several versions available, from basic number skills all the way to fractions.  Although most of my versions are math based (my son’s favorite subject!), I do have some versions for ELA and Science as well.



I have an addition version for FREE in my Educents store so you can try them out for yourself.  There is also a FREE multiplication version of the game in my store {HERE}.

Wild card game sampler PIN

After you check out my Educents store (and FREEBIE), be sure to check out some of the other stores listed below too.  And, of course, make sure to enter for your chance to win $50 in Educents credits too.

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a WILD bundle of YOUR choice!  Let me know what the best thing YOU have found on Educents has been (past or present!).

Make sure to check out Primary Possibilities next to find more freebies!

Educents Marketplace $50 in Edubucks Giveaway #6 – First Grade Stores

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