Top Ten Pi Day Activities for your Classroom!


We all know Pi as a vital part of measuring circles.  We know it is 3.14 (and a bunch of other numbers).  We know that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  But, how can we bring those concepts into the classroom?  Here are a few Pi Day activities to celebrate the Pi Day of the century (after all, it is 3.14.15!).

pi art 1

1.  Get crafty!

My son is obsessed with pi.  One of our friends made this for him and he proudly hangs it in his room.  Have your kids list some other ideas for pi art that you could make together.  Think circles, spirals, seashells, rainbows, flowers, dragons, etc.  The ideas are endless (just like pi!).

2.  Make some music

This video shows how this man turned pi into a musical piece.  How could your kids do the same thing?

3.  Explore circles

Have students gather round containers from their house.  Have them measure the circumference and diameter of each container.  When they divide, do they get 3.14?  Does it work for every circle the find?

Pi and the Lost function game

4.  Go on an adventure

This computer version of a math adventure focuses on Pi (along with other algebraic thinking).  It is internet based, so you can access it without downloading it to your computer.


pi art 2

5.  Graph it!

My daughter LOVED using graph paper to graph the digits of pi.  she made a colorful pattern, but kids could also decorated it to look like a skyline, as seen {HERE}.

6.  Have the kids learn the Mathematical Pi song

7.  Wear a Pi Day shirt

We ordered one for my son, but you could order one for yourself to wear on Pi Day each year or have your kids design shirts of their own.  Not enough time?  They could always pin or tape a picture of the pi symbol or the first few digits on their shirt for the day!

8.  Check out

9.  Read about it!

There are several books about pi.  One of my favorites is  Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi (A Math Adventure).  Some others include Why Pi? (Big Questions) and The Joy of Pi.

celebrate pi day

10.  Get a pie in the face!

This fun video includes a class showing off their pi knowledge.  If you watch to the end, you will see kids getting a pie in the face and at the end, the teacher gets it too!  How fun to have your kids work towards something that would end with you getting pie in the face!  Not sure about that?  Have a principal, parent, or even a child volunteer instead!


No matter how you decide to celebrate Pi Day, I hope you and your kids will enjoy this fun event!  Let me know how YOU celebrate Pi Day!


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Also, be sure to come back on Saturday to find many FREEBIES that will make your life as easy as Pi!  These FREEBIES will cover lots of topics and areas, not just Pi, so make sure come back and check them out!

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