Periodic Table Coloring Book

My son loves to learn about math and science.  He recites pi, has a telescope in his room, and enjoys learning about the Periodic Table.  So, when the author of The Periodic Table of Elements contacted me to review the product, I knew I needed to check it out!  I will admit…I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it might be too much of a coloring activity and not as much of a learning resource.  I am happy to admit that I had no reason to worry.


For each element, Theresa has included facts that you can share with the kids (or they can read on their own, depending on their age).  I really liked the history that she included in the facts!  I learned quite a bit myself as we worked through the book.  The pictures were simple and engaging and each page also included the symbol as well as the atomic number for each element.

For older kids, there is a simplified table of the elements to show them how it is organized. A blank copy is also included so kids can practice filling it out themselves.


I love how there are lots of facts for the teacher or parent (or child) and there are pictures for the kids.  I think it is a wonderful way to introduce the Periodic Table to kids who aren’t quite ready to learn the concepts behind the science.  It would begin such a great conversation on what the elements are, how they are a part of everything, and other observations the kids make.  If you are interested, you can purchase The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book through Amazon.


What other tools do you use to teach science at a young age?  I would love to hear!


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