Task Cards–Ways to Use and Store!

Task cards are being used in many classrooms, all grade levels, all around the world.  They can be so versatile and have so many uses!  Check out this collection of ways task cards can be used:

Task Cards Shelly Rees

Read about how to use task cards to practice for the “BIG” test.  My collaborative board has a month long series about how to ROCK the Test with Less Stress and Less Prep!  Shelly Rees’ post is about how to use task cards to do just that!  The picture above shows one of the many ways she uses them in her classroom!


Rachel Lynette started the task card craze (at least I’m pretty sure she did).  Read her suggestions for ways to use them {HERE}.  She has many sets of task cards and loads of ideas for how to best utilize them!


Teaching With a Mountain View has created an ENTIRE website just for Task cards!  Mary shares ideas for using (AND organizing!) your task card collection.  While you check out her site {HERE}, make sure you check out the adorable picture of her two little angels on the About Me page!


Task card Kim Miller

Kim Miller did a guest post for me about Task Cards.  See how she uses them for test prep, all year long!  I love the way she includes the standard labels on each set!

Think task cards are only for the young kids?  WRONG!  Task cards can be used in Middle School too!  Check out how 4mulaFun uses task cards in the middle grades {HERE}.

I love Chris from Mad Science Lessons!  Here, he shows 15 different ways to use task cards in the classroom!



After you fall in love with task cards (and I know you will!), you will accumulate a lot of them!  How do you store all of these wonderful pieces of paper?


First, I suggest that you print them on cardstock and laminate them for durability.  I know, that is an extra step; however, once you do it once, you won’t have to do it again and they will last year after year!

I have tried many ways to store my task cards.  The way that has worked best for me is to use the note card sorters that I found at Target in the Dollar Spot (I grabbed lots of them, not knowing what I was going to do with them and now I am SOOOO glad I did!).

task card storage folders

I have seen others use miniature photo albums.

task card storage Minds in Bloom

Picture from Minds in Bloom


Binder clips

task card storage bind clips

Picture found on Pinterest (picture only, no link)


Plastic Tubs from the Dollar Store

Task card storage Life in First Grade

Picture from Life in First Grade



Modular storage containers

task card storage 4mula fun

Picture from 4mulaFun



I have several sets of task cards in my TPT store and on my brand new Educents Storefront!    This week, I have a BIG set on sale at Educents too!  You can grab 7 of my task card sets for only $6.99!

Task Cards by Teaching Momster


What is YOUR favorite way to use task cards in your classroom?





  1. Jennifer O. says

    I am wondering what type of cardstock you use. I was looking for some, but became overwhelmed with the choices of paper finish and weight. What type do you recommend as the best for printing in a copier and inkjet printer?

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