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Holy moly, how is it FEBRUARY already!?  Wow, time is flying by for me.  It is already time to link up with Oh’ Boy 4th Grade and her monthly Currently creation!




When I say a bad movie, I mean BAD!!  Neither of us know what is going on, there are subtitles (complete with poor grammar), no plot, and lots of gun fights.  I don’t even know what it is called.  He says we have watched all of the “good” movies from Netflix already.

In other news…..We are taking suggestions for new movies or TV shows to watch!

Sorry to brag, my Northern friends, but it has been sunny and BEAUTIFUL here in California!  Probably the reason I can’t believe it is February.

bonfire beach pic


I have recently started a NEW job (I was just staying home and I am now teaching online).  So, I have been WAY behind on everything.  Having a chef and/or maid would make life so much easier right now.  I’m not picky.  I will just take one of the two.  🙂

Since I have started the new job, I feel like I never get out of the house.  Tomorrow, we are doing something out of the house as a family, mostly so I don’t sit behind the computer screen all day long.


(Forced Family Fun)

Procrastination is not usually my style, but it has been lately.  I have to prioritize what really needs to be done and I put off the rest!


I can’t wait to read everyone else’s Currently to see what you have been up to!

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    Enjoy our day away from the computer! It’s the healthy thing to do! 🙂 I understand feeling behind while keeping up with a new job- good luck to you!

  2. says

    I laughed out loud about the maid and chef. I tell my husband the same thing ALL THE TIME!
    And I totally and completely agree with you on wanting to take a break from school work for awhile. But, it really never ends, does it?

    All my best,

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    If you find a maid or chef let me know! I need one too! Your pictures on the beach are beautiful. I’m in AZ so I’m with you on the beautiful weather, even though it has rained for 2 days straight here our winters are amazing!

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    Your pageant title would fit me perfectly! I’m always a wait till the last minute kind of gal… Good luck on your new job! I hope you find the motivation you need.

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