Winter Party Snack Ideas for the Classroom

What does your school do to celebrate the holidays?  Do you have a winter party?  Show a movie?  Share some food?


Winter Party Snack Ideas

I have compiled some food ideas for you to use in your classroom!  I know many of you aren’t allowed to share food in the classroom at all, while others have to worry about allergies.  I compiled some foods that are light and fairly healthy so most of you will be able to share these with your kiddos.  And, many of them can be used ANYtime, not just in the classroom!  You could use them as appetizers for your office holiday party, for a kids birthday party, or even as a snack the kids can help prepare while home on winter break.



healthy Christmas food

I made this fruit platter last year for my daughter’s class.  I just cut up apples and threw in grapes and berries for the tree part, used raisins for the trunk, and cut a star out of cheese for the topper (I just used a cookie cutter).  Easy and the kids LOVED it!


snowman string cheese with border

I found these on Pinterest and thought they were SO cute!  The kids could even help design or decorate them at the party.  The idea came from NoBiggie.  

snowman popcorn cups with border


Another Pinterest find came from Creative Kid Snacks.  How cute are these snowmen!?  In fact, one of my friends recently had these at her daughter’s Frozen party.  Again, kids can decorate their own.

reindeer water bottles with border


Don’t forget the drinks!  Everyone can use these in their classroom.  You can find a step-by-step guide for making these over at Selections by Sisters website.  


reindeer pudding cup with border


Speaking of reindeer, how cute are these pudding cups by Red Barn?  I have seen them created out of the individual pudding containers too for even more convenience.


grinch jellow cup with border


The Keeper of the Cheerios has another brilliant use for individual snack containers.  She uses green Jell-o cups to create the Grinch!  Students could even decorate this in class and take to lunch (or home) to eat.


snowflake snack with border


Let kids design their own snowflakes with pretzel rods and marshmallows!  In fact, this could be a whole math lesson by letting kids make other shapes as well.  Add in some terms like edges, corners, sides, vertices, and the shape names and the lesson is complete!  Fun on a Dime has other snack ideas as well.


I hope these give you some ideas you can use in the classroom or at home!  What cute snacks have you used before?  I would love to hear about them so I can add them to my Pinterest board!


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