Math Madness Wednesday: Adding

Ah, September!  When everything gets busy and back to “normal”….and EVERYTHING smells like apples or pumpkins!  :)  I do love the fall (crunchy leaves, comfy hoodies, warm soup, and of course, football), but it does mean our lives get busier.  From homework to soccer to appointments, and even a bunch of birthdays in this family, everything seems to be busier at this time of year.  

I had some new inspiration for some Apple addition products and I thought this would be the perfect time to unveil them.  I hope they can make your busy schedules a little easier!  The new apple bundle includes several printables so you can just print and go!  It also includes 1 file folder game, just for something different.  
The printables include pages for coloring, cutting, pasting, and sorting.  

 The file folder game is also a sorting activity.  Students will read the problem on each apple and sort it into the section with the correct answer (7, 8, 9, or 10).  To separate the 4 sections on the file folder, I used some red masking tape I had from when Office Max had them on sale (I stocked up and use these ALL the time now!).  You could also use fancy duct tape, ribbon, or even draw the lines on yourself.

I have included a recording sheet and an answer key so the kids can be independent with this activity, yet be held accountable!

The entire file folder game is available in color as well as black and white, if you are wanting to save your ink!

I also made another version of my adding using a tens frame board game.  Of course, I kept with the apple theme, so this version is adding green and red apples.  It is also available in color as well as black and white.  Kids love to use paperclips as spinners and create their own addition problem!

I have also included a couple of my WILD card games in this bundle.  These two games were my first two editions of WILD! so they are kind of special to me.  I had NO idea how popular these were going to end up.  The first version deals with facts with sums of 0 to 9 and the second version has sums from 10 to 20.  Of course, you could always add both decks together as well to make one large deck of cards and make them game a little more difficult!

If you want to keep them separate, you can print them on different colored paper OR you can quickly add stickers or tape to the back of the cards.  For one of my recent decks, I added some of the masking tape I had stocked up on before I laminated it.

Now, it is easy to identify which deck it belongs to!  In fact, you can use this tip for lots of different objects around your classroom!

You can grab the whole bundle for only $5 this week!  
Do you like flipbooks?  Georgia Grown Kiddos has a great addition deal going on now too!  Her addition flipbook includes numbers, tally marks, and ten frames, along with the cute baseball theme.  Such a CUTE idea!  
And, how about a FREEBIE!?  Erin from The Watering Hole has this great game for practicing your facts!  It is based off the game you play in the pool or at soccer practice.  Sharks and Minnows is FREE, but only for a limited time, so make sure to GRAB it now!  
So, what do YOU use to teach addition?  Share your tips and tricks so we can ALL make this a fun topic for kids!  Check out the links below AND check out my {Math Pinterest board} for more great tips!  

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