Diggin’ In: Back to School FREEBIE!

Depending on where you live, the summer heat can be BRUTAL!  Help the kids “cool” off with some Popsicle math puzzles!  This can be done at home OR in the classroom.  At school, I can see using these in math centers, as an assessment, or even as a whole class get-up-and-move activity!

They are easy to prepare, I promise!

Here is how I did it:

1.  Print everything off!  While you don’t have to print the cover (or the “Ways to Use” page), you may want it to glue to the front of your envelope or folder, depending on how you decide to store the product.

2.  Do a “quick” cut around the popsicles (I sometimes call this cutting out in a bubble….or just messy!)

3.  Glue one quick strip down the middle and stick it on a piece of stronger, thicker paper.  I had an extra sheet of scrapbooking paper available, so I used that.  This step can also be skipped if you don’t plan on re-using the activity.  I do this to help make it a little more durable.  Of course, you could also just print it on cardstock to begin with!
4.  Cut out the popsicles the “right” way now.
5.  You are ready to go!  You can laminate them too if you wish!  They are now ready for small groups, partners, or even whole class work (have the class walk around to find their “partner”).
See, not too difficult!  You can grab this for FREE by clicking {HERE}
I would love to hear what you think!  
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