Math Madness Wednesday: Multiplication

It is again time for Math Madness Wednesday!  Last week’s favorite lessons of the year were SO fun to read about!  This week’s topic is Multiplication.  Many students need extra practice with their fact fluency and I have found that the summer is a great time to practice these skills.  Kids usually have extra time at home and it makes it a great time to catch them up from the previous year OR get them ready for the next year’s skills by practicing their skills.  Also, I have found that practicing facts is something most parents are comfortable enough to do with their kids.  So, as a teacher, I like to offer possible practice items with the parents in my class.  
Here is a few fun ways to practice their multiplication skills.
Multiplication Mystery is a differentiated task card activity that can be used for math centers, SCOOT, or guided practice.  Three levels are included (factors 0-5, factors 6-10, and factors 11-12).  Recording sheets and answer keys are included.
WILD!  A Multiplication card game is another fun way to practice these skills.  Students will be matching multiplication problems to either the answer OR another problem with the same answer.  
Don’t forget that my WILD bundles are still on sale over at Educents, but only until this Saturday.  Make sure you grab them while you can, because you won’t see them this cheap ANYWHERE else!

Want a way to practice math facts with your kids this summer?  Or, searching for ideas for next year?  XtraMath is awesome….and FREE!  You can sign up as a teacher OR a parent and easily set your kids up to work on the facts THEY need to work on (that’s right…differentiation WITHOUT extra work!).  You will be able to see progress reports and adjust what skills they are working on!

Students will see a grid like this.  It will be blank before they take their placement test, but then it will be colored in with green and yellow to show which facts they have mastered and which they are still working on improving.  

Each time they are practicing, they will get a problem like this.  The buttons on the bottom show how long it takes to answer the problem.  Besides just getting the facts correct, the program helps students practice their automaticity by timing them as well.  Students can use the numbers on the keyboard OR use a keyboard on the screen an

Have you used XtraMath at home or at school?  I would love to hear your thoughts about it!


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      Yes! I think it would be a great alternative to paper and pencil tests because it differentiates and each child can make a personal goal! Of course, that means we have to have enough computers available for the students….

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    I use Xtramath- love it! The data reports every week on the student progress are very helpful, and I’ve found that the parents like to register at home. Which makes it an easy “universal homework” assignment for those with internet access.
    The Meek Moose

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