April Currently

I cannot believe it is April already!!  I am CURRENTLY working on several new products that I am excited to share with you (SOON!)  Time for April Currently, from Oh’ Boy 4th Grade.

Most of them are self explanatory this month.  
The Blacklist is one of those super intense TV shows that my husband and I love!  Have you watched it?  
It rained today in California and we REALLY need it!  It reminded me of spring in the midwest.  
I think I have mentioned before that we are moving soon.  We finally found the house we love and get to move in on May 1.  As excited as I am, I am NOT happy about the packing!
While I was super happy that my daughter decided to play softball this week (that was MY sport growing up), I can’t wait to have our weekends back so we can go to the beach and hang out as a family again!
I have a loose connective tissue disorder that causes pain most of the time.  I have always had it, so I am used to it most of the time.  This past week, a new pain has come to visit and it is very annoying!  But, I went to the chiropractor today and think I am on the road to recovery!
My hours are whatever I want them to be!  That is the best part about working from home.  My kids have spring break the week of April 14 and their last day of school is June 13. 
I can’t wait to see everybody else’s Currently.  I hope you decide to link up too!


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    I think I like your hours the best! Good luck with the move – definitely not going to help your pain!
    I haven’t watched the black list but I was curious. Glad to hear its good.
    Happy Rainy Day!

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    Oh no! I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with pain :( That is no fun! Congratulations on finding a home you love and moving! That is so exciting! I just moved last April….it really helped to label each box (kitchen-utensils, plates, bowls, etc). so that we knew exactly which room to put it in and knew what we were unpacking!
    Teaching in Paradise

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