February Currently

I cannot believe it is February already!  Time has FLOWN by this month!  I am linking up with Farley for her monthly Currently and am sad to say that it sounds like it will be the last one for awhile!  So, here it is!


I am listening to the dishwasher because my WONDERFUL kids have helped me clean the house this morning!  They cleaned their rooms, the playroom, the bathroom, swept all of the floors, and did the dishes.  Of course, there were a few “moans and groans”, but for what they accomplished, they did a great job!

I am so excited that my blog is going to get a complete makeover!  Jana Tolman from Jana Tolman Designs has been helping me and sent over the test blog this week for me to take a sneak peek.  I am hoping it will be ready in the next week or two so I can do my big reveal!

January was SOOOO busy for me, which is great!  I know February is going to be just as busy!  I have a list of things I need to work on and my goal today is to prioritize them so I am not constantly thinking about them and wondering if I have forgotten anything!

My husband and I were late to the “Breaking Bad” train and have just recently jumped on board.  We are almost through the 3rd season, so we have 2 more to get through.  We are hooked and are loving that it is on Netflix…with NO commercials during the show!

Even though I would love to spend more time watching Breaking Bad, or losing track of time on FB or Pinterest, I know I NEED to be focusing more on my work!  Don’t we all….but, we deserve a break every once in awhile, right!?

2 truths and a fib….this took me awhile!  The middle one is the fib….I do NOT miss the snow at all and I love the sunshine here in Cali.!!!!  Yes, one of my 5th grade students introduced me to my now husband.  She gave him one of my school pictures, of all things, along with my phone number and HE ACTUALLY CALLED!!  Two and half months later, we were engaged (we didn’t get married until 14 months after our engagement) and here we are over 10 years later!  Crazy how things work out!  And, I have been to Ireland, which was my husband’s dream vacation.  Australia is my dream vacation and I am hoping we will get to go there….someday!

Well, that is it for February Currently!  I can’t wait to see what everyone else has to say!



  1. Amy Marshall says

    I don’t mind the snow but it’s getting kind of old now! I will be ready for spring :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, can’t wait to see your new design when it’s done!

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