New Year’s Top Ten

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Here it is, that time of year where everyone has survived the holidays and they are ready to start the new year off better.  It is our time to reflect on what we have done over the past 365 days and what we hope to do in the next 365.  Whether is is lose weight, get more organized, or spend more time with your family, we all have goals for ourselves.  Today has been my reflection day and I decided to write down my top 10 goals this year.  Not only will it help me clear my mind from everything I want to accomplish, but I am hoping it will also hold me more accountable.


(In no particular order)

1.  Eat he eat healthy althy–I know this is the cliche New Year’s Resolution, but after all of the junk we ate around the holidays, I think my whole body needs a good cleanse!  My goal goes beyond losing weight though.  I want to eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugary foods and soda.  I have also decided to use My Fitness Pal to keep track of what I am eating so I can analyze my habits.


more active


2.  Be more active–This kind of goes with number one, but I want to get moving more!  I have a loose connective tissue disorder (called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) that causes many of my joints to sublux, dislocate, and just ache.  However, I have used this as a crutch to not do any activity.  I know that by just getting up and moving around, I will feel better so my goal is just that.  I don’t plan to run a marathon, but I can definitely get up and go on a walk or play with the kids.


family game night 3.  Spend more REAL time with my family–We have been so busy and distracted lately that I think we just need time to reconnect.  The kids are growing up so quickly and getting involved with sports, etc. that I don’t want to look back and realize how much I missed!  I would like to institute a Family Game Night and/or Family Movie Night weekly so we have at least one night a week in which we turn off phones, computers, and TVs (well, not if it is a movie night) and we just enjoy time together! budget

4.  Create a budget and STICK TO IT!  We have done this before, but our situations have changed and we need to update our budget.  I want to start saving specifically for travel and vacations.  This will help with my third goal of spending more time together as a family!



organize 5.  Organize blog–I want to be very conscious about making meaningful posts to my blog.  It has definitely been on the backburner as I have focused more on creating products and collaborating with other teacher bloggers.  I want to change that to focus on having a helpful blog for all of the teachers that follow me!  In order to do that, I have already printed a calendar of the year and added important dates to it.  Next, I want to research some BIG topics I would like to conquer and break those down into smaller ideas to post. collaborate

6.  Collaboration–Just because I want to spend more time on my blog does not mean I want to give up the collaboration I have been lucky to be a part of!  I truly value the other teachers I have been able to collaborate with and I have learned a lot from them!  I want to continue with this valuable collaboration and join some other teachers as well!

create 7.  Products–I want to still create more products as well.  I have been happy to make products for teachers to meet their needs as well as the needs of their students.  I want to continue to do that as well as create some of the products I have ideas for, but haven’t completed yet.  I just need to use my time a little better to be able to get these out to others!

time management


8.  Time Management–I have noticed a theme in many of the resolutions I have…I just need to manage the time I have in order to get everything complete.  I can easily get distracted while online and I am als the first to volunteer for anything anyone needs!  I need to put my work first and sprinkle in volunteer opportunities.  I also need to try to refrain from having so many windows opened on my computer at one time!  This will be a tough one for me!


learn 9.  Learn something new–All of this time spent on producing items and blogging has been awesome!  But, I have missed learning new ideas and other professional development.  I know, I’m a nerd!  But, I have always enjoyed learning new things!  Since I am not in the classroom anymore, I want to keep sharp and up to date with new thoughts about education!



10.  READ MORE–I want to read more for #9, but I want to also read more just for fun!  My daughter is a total bookworm!  She reads multiple books each day and I love to have conversations with her as she is reading books I have read before.  But, she is reading so much that she has read a lot of books I haven’t read.  I want to keep up with her as well as read a few “grown up” books, just for me!

PJDL.Boy Standing Reading


Well, that completes my goals!  It looks like I am going to be busy this year!  🙂  What are your goals?  Do you have any ideas or suggestions for my goals?  Can’t wait to hear from you!

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