Apples, apples, everywhere!

I love apples!  Of course, they are one of the biggest symbols that Autumn is underway.  But, they are also so versatile and yummy too.  We have several different apple trees in our yard and I have been making crockpot applesauce for the past couple of weeks.  It makes the whole house smell good and the kids love it in their lunches.  What are your favorite apple recipes?

I also love when I can bring something like apples into the classroom.  Usually, themes are used in the lower grades.  But, I think you can use something like apples to meet many of your standards at the higher grade levels as well.  Here is my Apples Pack for older kids.

apple pack picture

In this pack, students will use a US map to mark the states that produce the most apples.  They will also learn about circle graphs, bar graphs, and charts while learning about apple facts.  Lastly, they will conduct a science experiment using apples and liquids that may help keep apples from turning brown.

You can find this pack on my TPT store by clicking on the picture above or by checking out my store at:

What is YOUR favorite apple activity for the classroom?  I can’t wait to hear some great ideas!

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