Hello world!

Welcome to Teaching MOMster!  I can’t believe I have waited as long as I have to make a website, but here I am.  My name is Krista and I have been an elementary teacher for 12 years.  My family recently moved from the Mid-west to California’s Central Coast.  I have decided to not go back in to the classroom for now.  A few things have led to this decision.  First of all, I am a MOM and wanted the chance to stay home with my 9 and 10 year olds during their first year in a new state.  I have really enjoyed volunteering in the classroom and getting involved in PTA, neither of which I had the time to do while teaching!  My son has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (officially PDD/NOS) so I knew his transition may be difficult.  As he is getting older, school is getting more difficult for him anyway.  I love having the time (and less stress) to help him at school and at home.

Although I enjoy having the extra time at home and with my kids, I miss being in the classroom.  I have decided to stay “in touch” by starting this website, creating items for the classroom, and delivering research based ideas to other teachers.  I am excited to begin this journey and look forward to meeting many teachers and parents!


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